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A sparkling diamond painting looks incredible when it’s finished and the effort that goes in to creating these beautiful works of art, should be celebrated when your Paint Plot Diamond painting is finished.

The best way to celebrate your diamond art, is to frame and display your 5D diamond painting in your home. This blog talks about the frames for diamond paintings offered here at Paint Plot and how to frame your paint by diamonds.

If you’re new to diamond painting and you are looking for some tips for diamond painting beginners, click this link. Our tips and tricks blog helps with how to get yourself set up and ready.

If you’re looking for an inclusive diamond painting community, join the Paint Plot Diamonds group on facebook. One question that we often hear, is “how do I frame my finished diamond painting?” So, we decided to share an easy step by step process for stretching/ framing your Paint Plot Diamond Painting.

To purchase a frame is optional however, we highly recommend it as it’s a simple and effective way to display your finished 5D diamond painting.

If you didn’t purchase a frame with your diamond painting kits and you’d like to, don’t worry, you can still purchase your stretcher bars online.

There are other ways to display your diamond paintings, like purchasing a frame from a craft store and housing it behind glass. This can also be effective however we fine that with the shine of diamond paintings, it's best to use the available stretcher bars, rather than housing your art work behind glass.

Some diamond painting enthusiasts also choose to keep their art work in art display folders, which can be an option for those who have completed quite a lot of diamond paintings and are starting to run out of room on their walls (we totally understand that this happens).

If you are using your stretcher bars, you can follow these 7 steps once you have completed your 5D Diamond Painting.

Step 1. Once you're finished working on your diamond painting, then it's time to frame it. Have everything you need, before you start including your: canvas, DIY frame, thumbtacks, scissors, tape measure and a marking pen.

Step 2.  Unwrap the frame and put the tacks to one side. The frame consists of four pieces, two long and two short. 

The DIY frame is easy to assemble as it does not require any glue or nails, it arrives pre-cut with groves. You simply take one short piece and one long and push them together, repeat the process until the frame is squared and complete.

Step 3.  Place the canvas facing up on a flat surface and manoeuvre the frame to the required position on the canvas. Using a tape measure, check diagonally from outside corners of the frame and then check the opposite diagonal to make sure the frame is square. 

Step 4.    With your marking pen in hand, lift each corner of the canvas and mark where the four corners of the frame are located on the canvas.


Step 5. Place the canvas face down, put the frame on top and align the frame with the marks from Step 4.

Step 6. Start with the centre of the longest side of the frame, lift the canvas over the frame, stretching it slightly so that the canvas on the opposite side is not slack and anchor with thumbtacks. Repeat on all sides with at least three thumbtacks in each section. 

Step 7. Using a sharp pair of scissors, make one cut in each corner. Make sure you cut in the same line as the frame. Then fold over and tack the two corner pieces together.

Your Paint Plot 5D Diamond Painting is now ready to dazzle any room in the house.

We are a small business and we pride ourselves with premium quality kits and a 5 Star customer service. Our number one aim is to keep our customers happy because we want you to enjoy the entire experience of your art work and to come back again and again.

Our greatest joy is to see our customers completed diamond paintings, or the ‘in progress’ shots. So don’t forget to share and please share any tips to help the Paint Plot community with 5D diamond paintings.

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