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Paint Plot Australia Instructions

Paint Plot Australia Instructions

When you’re starting out with paint by numbers, it can be a little daunting.

The beauty of Paint Plot paint by number’s is that you will get everything you need for a perfect painting in our kit, everything else is just a bonus!

You might decide to start with a very simple set up when you first start painting and then introduce more accessories, tips and tricks as you complete more paintings.

Here at Paint Plot Australia, nothing makes us happier than when we see a beginner who really loves their paint by numbers kit for adults.

To help you get started, or to take the next step in your painting journey, we’ve collated the best Paint Plot instructions from our team and our online community.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank our valued customers who also contribute to the Paint Plot instructions, especially on our closed facebook group.  Of course, their information is invaluable and comes with a great deal of experience.

There are a lot of resources on the Paint Plot Australia blog about whether to stretch/ frame your canvas before or after you paint it, the best tips and tricks for painting by numbers and the best designs for beginners.

We’ve added the links so you can read about each one in more detail if you’d like to.

Our 5 most common questions about Paint Plot Instructions and advice are:

  • I’m a first timer, which paint by number kits are great for beginners?

Our advice would be to choose something that has a simple design and large sections. The Upside Down Giraffe, the Vibrant Cat and Magical Unicorn are all excellent choices for a first time painter.

All three of these paint by number designs are exclusive to Paint Plot Australia.

If you would like to read the blog on Phoebe Dunn the Melbourne Artist who created the fun Upside Down Giraffe kit please click on the link.  

  • My Kit has arrived, where shall I start?

Choose a location for painting that is a relaxing environment that you enjoy, make sure you are comfortable and that you have good lighting.

If you haven’t ordered previously, we recommend taking a photo with your phone. Unfortunately, some numbers can be painted over by mistake, this is normally caused by smudging or just getting too close to the lines. 

On complex designs, some numbers may also be small and a little difficult to see.

From now on, we will be sending a paper reference picture in packages for Paint Plot Australia customers, to make this easier for you.

Another handy paint by number tip is you can use a toothpick for the tiniest of numbers that even your brush cannot get to.

There is no right or wrong place to start but a suggestion would be to paint from top to bottom commencing in the top left-hand corner, the opposite for left handers, as it is the best way to avoid any smudging with your palms.

From experience, we recommend starting with the darkest colours first and then moving to lighter ones. The great news is, there’s no ‘right’ way to do this, so if your preference is to paint another way, go for it!

Ensure you leave enough time between colours for the paints to dry. 

Water and paper towelling are your new friends.  We’d recommend that you always have water and paper towelling at the ready.  The water is handy to not only clean your brushes between colours but it’s also useful to keep them moist. 

The paints can become a little dry if the pots are open for too long, dipping the brush into water can stop the application becoming too thick. Paper towelling is useful for anything and everything but in this instance you can dry and clean your brushes between colours or it’s just handy if you have a spillage.

The amount of paints in the pots should be ample, scoop the paint out of the lids of the pots before you start, as you will be surprised how much is in there. 

Never worry if you are running short, we will send you more, free of charge. 

  • Should I frame/stretch before I start?

There is no hard and fast rule or right and wrong, it’s very much personal choice when it comes to framing your canvas.  Some of our customers like to frame first, others prefer to frame afterwards.  We have added the link here to help with this process.


  • Should I use an easel?

From personal experience and customer feedback we would suggest purchasing an easel and a magnifying glass for the detailed kits. Many of our customers like to use a foam board, cork board or an A2 clipboard.

If you decide to frame/stretch after painting the boards are handy for rotating and making your canvas mobile to enable you to change positions throughout the process.

Due to popular demand, we have just released easels on to our website, which are the perfect size for a Paint Plot Australia canvas.

Plenty of light and a comfortable spot is essential to enjoy the experience of paint by numbers.

Make sure you have either a comfortable chair if working on an easel or a table that is high enough for you not to bend down too much. Use natural light if possible and if it’s not, make sure the space you are painting in is well lit.

One of our customers shared this with us and said it was a great $10 investment from Bunnings.

  • What should I do with my completed artwork?

Display it of course! Paint by numbers kits look amazing hanging on your wall. Make sure you hang your art in a light filled space to really show them off.

If you have a few, you could think about dedicating a whole wall or giving these as gifts to friends or family.

This lovely idea was sent in by one of our repeat customers.  When she finished her painting, she stretched/framed and painted the sides in a little black paint.              

Another one of our valued customers has shared that because she has done so many, some have been given as gifts, others are hanging on the wall and the rest have gone into an A2 Display folder that she purchased.

We hope our Paint Plot Australia Instructions have been helpful.  We have many blogs to assist you on your journey of paint by numbers, click here to read them. 

The best thing is the achievement and satisfaction you feel when you complete your own paint by number.  Hours slip by like minutes when you are painting!

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