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Super Subscriber Sunday: Olivia Cavrese

Super Subscriber Sunday: Olivia Cavrese

A big hello to our Paint Plot community.

We hope you have been enjoying our Super Subscriber Sunday series for January, where we put the spotlight on one of our talented Paint Plot subscribers.

If you’ve missed the past two weeks, where we featured Emily and Liz, click on their names to check out the articles.

With the help of our wonderful community and your contribution to the Wednesday Vote, we now have over 200 designs that are exclusive to Paint Plot.

This week Olivia Cavrese has been kind enough to allow us to feature her very impressive collection.

Just recently Olivia completed her 20th Paint Plot design!

We have chosen a few of Olivia’s designs to feature this week.


Olivia has certainly painted a great mixture of designs including cityscapes, animals and landscapes. She’s also completed some of our multi-panel designs, which look stunning.

Olivia has also shared a lot of helpful hints and positive feedback in our closed Paint Plot community group, thank you for this Olivia.

It’s awesome to see that the rest of our facebook group are just as encouraging when Olivia posts her incredible kits.

We’d like to thank Olivia for letting us share her painting kits today.  We are sure you will all agree that they are amazing and a great deal of them have a high difficulty rating, so there is a lot of time and effort that has gone into these paintings.

Olivia has also made some of these paintings her own, by changing background colours, toning down some colours and blending the water and sky.

This encourages other members of our group to make small changes, if they want to and make the Paint Plot kits uniquely their own.

Stay tuned for our next Super Subscriber Sunday.

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