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Golden Gate diamonds

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Full Drill Canvas Size

canvas icon 16” x 20” (40cm x50cm)

Square Diamond kit also contains

square diamonds icon


applicator and wax icon
Pen & Wax


tray icon
Tray x1


framing kit icon

More Information

Why you will love Paint Plot Diamond Paintings

Beginner Friendly - Paint Plot Diamond paintings are suitable for all adults, from beginners to experienced artists. You will get everything you need in your diamond painting kit for a perfect painting every time.

Perfect way to Relax - Research has shown that creative hobbies like painting and coloring help to calm you down and are proven to reduce stress.

DIY Home Decoration - If you are creating your own art for home, please make sure you add a frame to your order so that you can hang your art work when you’re done.

Fun Bonding Activity - Grab a glass of wine (or share a bottle) and spend a night in with family or friends to create your own beautiful piece of art that you can share.

The Perfect Gift - Paint Plot Diamonds are a perfect gift for a friend or a family member.

Your diamond packs and canvas are marked with a corresponding letter, number or symbol.  

Dip the nib of your diamond pen in to the wax, until it is full. Use the pen to pick up each diamond and place it on the corresponding letter, number or symbol for that color on the canvas.  

Apply all of the diamonds with their corresponding sections until it is complete.

Once your canvas is full of diamonds, your art work will be complete.

Setting Up

  • Choose a place to set up where you feel comfortable, we recommend ensuring that it’s an area where you have plenty of space and light.
  • Have your wax and diamond pen handy and pour the diamonds in to the tray, one color at a time. Do not combine different colors of diamonds in your tray as this will become confusing. 
  • Make sure your diamond pen nib is filled with wax (this won’t require very much wax) then place each diamond one by one. Refill the wax when needed (you will notice that you need a little more wax if the diamonds are not sticking to the pen).

Helpful Tips  

  • Choose each colour one by one, you can start with smaller colors, which have less diamonds and then work your way up to the bigger sections. 
  • Complete a whole diamond color first, do not stop and then start and do not combine multiple colors in your diamond tray as they will become very difficult to keep track of. 
  • There should be no gap between the diamonds.
  • Take a picture of your blank canvas on your phone, if you make a mistake, this will help you to find it later by zooming in on the image.

Paint Plot Diamond Painting Kit

In addition to your labelled blank canvas, you will receive a full set of diamonds, a diamond pen, tray and wax. You can also purchase an optional framing kit with your diamond painting.

Your kit will include:

  1. A complete set of diamonds, the diamond material is resin and it shines because of the shape that it is cut in to.
  2. A canvas for your diamond painting design.
  3. A diamond pen to place each diamond.
  4. A tray to store each color of the diamonds while you work through each section.
  5. Wax to fill the tip of your diamond pen.
  6. An optional frame which can be added to your order to display your diamond painting in your home. 


Canvas Size: 16" x 20" / 40 x 50cm

Canvas Material: Linen Canvas

Diamond Material: Resin

Frame Material: Timber


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Key Features
Beginner friendly
Calming & relaxing
Grow your creative knowledge
Highest quality canvas
30 day money back guarantee