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Tulip Field kit

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Why you will love Paint By Numbers

Perfect For Beginners - Match the numbers on the canvas with the corresponding labeled numbers on the paint. It is easy to follow and suitable for all artistic abilities. 

Relax - Take your mind off stress and anxieties. Research shows that creative activities like coloring and painting help reduce stress.

DIY Home Decoration - Create your own wall art, add a frame to your painting so you can hang it on your wall.

Fantastic Bonding Activity - Grab a wine and spend a night in with family or friends to create your own beautiful piece of art to share.

The Perfect Gift - This makes for a thoughtful gift for anyone who enjoys crafts.

How it works

The container and canvas are marked with corresponding numbers.

Paint the container number (14) to the corresponding number (14) on the canvas.

Apply all the paint with the corresponding numbers on the canvas until complete

Once all the paint is applied, your painting will be complete.

Setting Up

  • Choose a comfortable chair and surroundings, with plenty of space and light.
  • A small container of water and a cloth is required to wash and dry paints between colours.
  • Make sure your paintbrush is dry before dipping it into the paint pots.

Helpful Tips  

  • Start with the smallest areas, then work your way up to medium then large.
  • Paint the whole of one colour first, don’t stop and start.
  • Be sure to let the paint dry between colours to avoid any smudging
  • There should be no gaps between colours.
  • Take a picture of your blank canvas, it helps with small areas that can be painted over by mistake.

Paint Plot Paint By Numbers kit

In addition to your canvas, you will also receive a full set of acrylic paint and paint brushes. You can also purchase a framing kit for an additional cost.

  1. A complete acrylic based paint-set, with all the colors you need

  2. 3 different paint brushes for wide and narrow areas

  3. *Optional Frame - Add an optional frame to your Canvas.


Canvas Size: 16" x 20" / 40 x 50cm

Canvas Material: Linen Canvas

Paint Type: Acrylic

Frame Material: Timber


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Key Features
Beginner friendly
Calming & relaxing
Grow your creative knowledge
Highest quality canvas
30 day money back guarantee
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  • How difficult was this art piece to paint? EffortlessBeginnerModerateExperiencedAdvanced
Tulips and Windmills - the perfect Dutch pairing

This is a beautiful painting - challenging but beautiful. The end result is absolutely gorgeous. Don't expect this one will be completed in a small amount of time - it won't be. This PBN is not for the inexperienced - there are many MANY small cells in this one, but it wouldn't be as detailed as it is without them. Some of the colours are also quite transparent so be prepared to apply multiple layers if you don't cover the numbers before painting. As it is highly detailed, you will need a steady hand and some really good quality fine detail brushes, otherwise you won't achieve the desired look. I would definitely recommend this painting to anyone who loves detail and a challenge.

Paint Plot Australia Tulip Field kit Review
Lorena P.
Australia Australia
  • How many hours did this art piece take? 5-10 Hours10-15 Hours15-20 Hours20-25 Hours25 Hours
  • How difficult was this art piece to paint? EffortlessBeginnerModerateExperiencedAdvanced
It wasn’t the same that I bought

It’s a disappointed that I didn’t get the paint that I wanted, I do love windmills and I bought that one because of that and I didn’t get it. I got a tulip’s field and I have been painting them, the experience it self is really relaxing and entertaining, I do like it and I like it a lot. I’m still working on it, it has lots of tiny bits of different colours, so It will take me a while to finish it. Other thing is, some of the numbers are so small or fading that I have been guessing them. I think would be good if you send as well a pdf, so I can zoom up to see those numbers. The canva itself is a good quality one and also the frame. The product is really good, I happy with it but I’m disappointed that I didn’t get what I ordered. The picture of the tulips with those windmills at the back looks amazing. I hope that the one that I got looks beautiful as well.