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Is there anything more exciting than waking up in the morning and knowing today is a craft day?  No work, the housework can wait until tomorrow and the day is yours.

You can throw back the covers and immerse yourself into the wonderful world of 5D Diamond Paintings.

Whether that is a dream or a reality for today, the one thing you can be sure of is when you order a Diamond Painting from Paint Plot you will receive everything you need to complete your stunning piece of artwork:

  • A premium diamond painting canvas
  • Two diamond pens with different sized applicators (single and multi)
  • Colour coded diamonds
  • A wax strip
  • A plastic tray to work from

However, you may have completed a few 5D Diamond Paintings and are now looking to take your paintings to the next level. 

Here at Paint Plot we are excited to announce that we have stocked some amazing tools and accessories that will help with this.

Our new Paint Plot Diamond accessories include:

  • A Premium Diamond Drill is a must for all of our Paint Plot 5D Diamond Painting family.

They are much stronger and easier to hold making the application much more comfortable.   Did we mention that they look great!

They will be a great addition to the two pens and have a single diamond applicator and storage case.

  • A Diamond Organiser is the perfect choice for storing your Paint Plot 5D Diamonds. This Diamond accessory has 28 compartments and helps to keep your coloured drills separated, tidy and secure.

Mark the lids with a non-permanent maker or small removeable labels, so that the organiser can be re-used for your next project.   This will help to categorise your Diamonds and therefore make your life and project a lot easier.

5D Diamond Paintings are a relaxing and enjoyable hobby.  Not only do you get to sit and enjoy watching your canvas come to life but you get an amazing piece of artwork to hang on your wall and the satisfaction that you have completed this dazzling Paint Plot 5D Diamond Painting.

Our premium 5D Diamond Painting kits come beautifully boxed and presented and make the perfect gift for that crafter or that someone special in your life.

Our aim here at Paint Plot Diamonds is to take care of our customers ‘you’.  We are a small business, we operate from our warehouse on the Gold Coast in Queensland and every order is important to us.  Our team is focused on good service and if you have any enquiries at all please feel free to email us at

Don’t forget that we just love to see your ‘in progress’ or completed work. 
So please email or share within our closed facebook group.  We all get to enjoy and it adds a little sparkle to our day!

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