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Today we’d like to talk about the talented people behind the scenes that make it possible for us to deliver our exclusive Paint Plot Australia Paint by Numbers kits to our community.

We work with artists, photographers, designers and illustrators from all over the world. As a team, we feel very fortunate to have built relationships with such talented and wonderful artists, who we either purchase rights to reproduce artwork from, or we commission them to create something unique. 

For example, Painting Stardust was an existing design that we saw and loved, so we worked with the artist to purchase this.

The Tree of Life painting, is a design that we asked a graphic artist to help us to create from scratch, based on requests from our community.

We wanted to share this information with our community because we feel that it’s important that you know that the art work that you purchase from Paint Plot Australia is legitimate and that most importantly, the artist is rewarded for it. These are incredibly talented people and it’s unfortunate that many online craft brands illegally sell designs and licensed products and characters without paying for the rights. It’s also within your rights as customers to ask for this information from brands.

If you’d like to learn more about the art work here at Paint Plot and the wonderful people behind it, we often feature artists on our blog.

Phoebe Dunn is a Melbourne based illustrator who has created some of our most popular designs for beginners including Upside Down Giraffe, Happy Giraffe, Happy Panda, Swinging Monkey and Cheeky Monkey.

Click here if you would like to read the full story on Phoebe Dunn. 

Another talented Paint Plot artist is Aron of @aronvisuals . He describes his style as surreal Digital Artwork and he is from North Macedonia. Aron created Painting Stardust, Merry Dancers and Horizons.

Click here if you would like to learn more about Aron visuals.

Learn more about Szabo Ervin Edward, the photographer behind the Red Fox kit here. Szabo is based in Transylvania and takes the most spectacular images in the surrounding forests.

Tithi Luadathong is a Bangkok based digital artist behind some of our favourite fantasy artworks including Collecting Moons, Tree of Life, Northern Lights and Glowing Horses. Learn more about Tithi here.  

We are very proud to partner with these artists and thrilled when the creativity of our community brings their designs to life.

Here at Paint Plot Australia, our team is constantly searching for and creating new art work, it’s a big part of what drives us each day.

We would also encourage all of our customers to be on the look out for the paintings you love.  Let us know in our closed facebook community group or via email at

Happy Painting!

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