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Here at Paint Plot Australia, we’ve collaborated with one of our favourite craft YouTubers, Melanie B’s Creative Studio to create the ultimate beginners guide to paint by numbers.

Here at Paint Plot we are very fortunate to work with many talented people. 
We work with artists, illustrators, and photographers to deliver the best variety of paint by numbers to our Paint Plot community.

We are also very mindful of our Paint Plot family getting all the help and guidance they need.  Not only for beginners but also for those who have been supporting us for a long time.

We have been very fortunate that the prominent YouTuber Mel b from Melanie b’s creative studio reached out to us and wanted to try some of our Paint Plot Australia kits.

So, we thought who better than Mel b to help with the beginner’s guide to paint by numbers?

Mel has a very informative and relaxed style and her beginner’s tips and tricks are invaluable to our Paint Plot family.

We have inserted the video below, so you can watch it now, or if you are short on time or can’t turn the sound on right now, we have outlined the 5 top tips and tricks for paint by number beginners below.

  1. What’s included in a Paint Plot paint by number kit.

Everything you need to complete your artwork is included in your kit.

A great quality canvas, paint brushes and reference guide (which is invaluable).

Mel suggests trimming the brushes before you commence if you can see any ‘hairs’ that are longer than the others.

  1. Setting up.

Have a glass or jar of water and paper towel at hand. You need to rinse and dry your brush between colours.

  1. Where do I start painting?

Where you want to paint is personal preference, there is no right or wrong answer to this.

A tip from Mel is that if you are right handed start from the top left-hand corner and work across, this eliminates smudging your artwork.  This is the opposite for left handers.

  1. How much paint do I need on my brush?

Not too much and Mel has a great demonstration on this in the video.  A great tip is to use the paint in the lid first. In the post, sometimes paint ends up in the lid so a good tip is to use this first. 

  1. How to keep you paints and brushes fresh.

Be sure to close your paint pots securely after use and never leave your paint brushes down in the water.  By doing this you will increase the life of the paint brushes.

All you need to do is simply match the paint pot number to the corresponding number on the canvas and watch your artwork come to life.

A very important beginners tip to remember when you are starting out on your Paint Plot paint by number journey is to not worry too much about painting outside the lines.  Mel tries to stay within, but it can be easily fixed with the next colour.

We’d like to thank Mel for this extremely insightful video.  This is a great short tutorial for Paint Plot Australia beginners and more experience artists alike.

Most of all, make the painting yours and remember to relax and enjoy the process of painting by numbers.

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