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Spend $75 and Get a Free Surprise Painting

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Looking for a little sparkle in 2021? Well you have come to the right place, because everything about Paint Plot Diamond Paintings is colourful.

Don’t just take our word for it. We have been lucky enough for the fun, informative and personable Mel B, a prominent craft YouTuber, to do a review on our Paint Plot 5D diamond paintings.

When the diamond painting arrived Mel was totally delighted about the new packaging that we are now supplying to our 5D diamond customers. 

The lovely coral box looks stylish and all the information needed is on the box itself.

The “upscaled” packaging as Mel describes it, makes a Paint Plot 5D Diamond painting the perfect gift for that special ‘crafter’ in your life. 

Mel B was also impressed with the overall quality of the diamond painting kit and said that Paint Plot is one of her “old favourite companies” (we are blushing). 

Since Mel has been doing 5D Diamond Art for over three years, we are very proud of this feedback. For the full review please watch the video.

If you’re busy crafting at the moment, we’ve collected some of our favourite quotes from Mel B’s Creative Studio Video on Paint Plot 5D Diamond Paintings.

 “I’m excited to try their new diamond paintings… this is a brand new product from an old favourite company…

“I have joined the Paint Plot Diamond group on Facebook… I expected nothing less than perfect from Paint Plot on Diamond Paintings… I’m a little bit excited about it”

“Love the colour coded boxes for Diamond Paintings, coral for diamonds and aqua blue, kind of a tropical blue for Paint Plot Paint by Numbers”

“The drills are in numerical order all the way, that makes it easier…… An extra I appreciate… The coding is super clear, the clarity is incredible…

“They are square drills, so when this is complete, the overall completed project will look stunningly beautiful”

“I’m very impressed with Paint Plot Diamonds right now……. For them to do anything less than amazing would have been a shocker to me”

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog and check out Mel B’s Diamond Painting review and don't forget, you can join our Paint Plot Diamonds group on facebook for tips, tricks and finished art work.

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