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Maddy Inglis is a 22-year-old professional tennis player who has just finished her 14 days of quarantine after returning to Australia after the French Open.

Like many people in stuck at home or in hotels during lock down, Maddy was looking for some quarantine crafts to keep her hands and mind busy during her 14 days in hotel quarantine.

Maddy reached out to us here at Paint Plot, to try out some paint by number kits while she was completing her quarantine in Perth. Paint by numbers is a great option for those looking for craft ideas or easy DIY projects that they can be proud of.

As you read on you will see that she has become, like many of our Paint Plot community members, totally addicted to finishing her paint by numbers. 

We are so happy that our paint by number kits are giving some joy to those looking for quarantine crafts in Australia and New Zealand.

  • First of all, Maddy can you tell us a little bit more about yourself?

My name is Maddison Inglis, I am 22 years old and I am a professional tennis player. I am originally from Perth, Western Australia where my family still is but I reside and train in Brisbane so that I can train at the Queensland Tennis Centre in Tennyson.

When I am not travelling for tennis or training I spend a lot of time at the beach, eating acai bowls or drinking coffee! 

  • As an elite athlete, it must be difficult in quarantine, how did you go with this?

For sure... Being such an active and outdoors girl it's been quite difficult and I have definitely had some challenging days.

I have been lucky that my mum and sister have been able to drop me a lot of goodies to make the time pass quicker and to make my room feel very homey.

Although it is hard knowing that my family is only a 25-minute drive away and I can only wave to them as they drop me a smoothie or some groceries, it has been a really nice time to slow down a bit, recharge and reflect after a big few months on the road.

  • We have sent you some paint by number kits to help pass time, how are they coming along?

They have been amazing.

I was very addicted as soon as they arrived and I finished the lion within just a couple of days. Although as I am still getting the hang of it… I do love how it turned out so far.

  • Have these paints by numbers helped with isolation? Do you think having a craft to do whilst in quarantine helps with mental health?

These painting have definitely helped me with my isolation. 

I have spent long hours painting whilst speaking to friends, listening to music or re-watching Gossip Girl for about the 5th time!

For me these paintings helped my mental health a lot whilst being stuck in this room. It just took my mind off thinking about how many days I had left and how it felt so long, whilst painting I only ever thought about what colour went where and trying to stay in the lines as best as possible.

I am very grateful to have had this while being in here and I am really excited to take them on the road when I'm travelling.

  • Besides crafting (paint by numbers) what else have you been doing to pass the time in quarantine?

I have spent a lot of time on the phone talking to lots of friends and people who I haven't spoken to in a while which has been really nice. I was lucky enough to have an exercise bike and some weights which I used every day to get a bit of a sweat up!

I did lots of online yoga and equipment free sessions and I watched a huge amount of TV and Netflix which was great. It was tough being stuck in a room but it was great to have a slow and relaxing 2 weeks! 

  • You have no doubt faced many challenges and sacrifices to get where you are today, what motivates you?

I love what I do and where it takes me so that makes it very easy to stay motivated. I have met some amazing people and some that I get to train with every day which makes tough training days a lot more bearable.

There are tough days of course and you may go through patches where you don't win a match for a while but hanging onto the special moments like winning a tournament or winning your first grand slam match with your best friend makes all the hard work worth it!

  • Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have 2 dogs! 1 is my mum's and 1 is mine (although as I am never home he is more of my mum's now as well).

He is my absolute favourite thing in the world, his name is Benson and he is a beautiful Cavoodle, I miss him so much when I travel.

  • What's the one thing that you are looking forward to most once you are out of quarantine?

Fresh air! It is day 12 without any fresh air as I do not have a window or balcony so I am so excited for that. But more importantly, I am so excited to see my family and Benson.

 It's been about 4 months since I have been home and I unfortunately only have 2 weeks here before I have to head back to Brisbane to get ready for the Aussie summer of tennis so I am just really looking forward to spending some time with them doing our favourite things like going to the beach, brunching at our favourite cafes and shopping.

  • Do you have any tips for others that are isolated or in quarantine?

I think it's really important to be easy on yourself, some days you'll feel great, you will talk to lots of friends, do a workout, maybe think that this isn't too bad but then there will be some days where it's a bit overwhelming and you won't feel like doing much at all.

What's worked for me in here will be different to what will work for other people. But a few things that helped me a lot whilst being in here were...

  • Keeping my room super tidy (making my bed every morning as soon as I got up was a big one)
  • Drinking my coffee in the sun that I got for 1 hour a day
  • Reaching out to a lot of friends
  • Trying to eat as healthy as possible
  • Stretching daily and trying to have a sweat out most days
  • Doing my best to stay in the present 

Who is your favourite tennis player?

I don't think I have a favourite but I have always loved the Australian women players since I was very little. 

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